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Kodak or its full name  – The Eastman Kodak Company is an American imaging company that began in the 19th century as an innovator of photography. Incorporated in New Jersey, the corporation was founded in 1888 by George Eastman in Rochester, New York, where its headquarters are still located today.

The company is known for creating a consumer market for amateur photography and pioneering the technology that allowed Hollywood movies to be filmed. It is also responsible for easy-to-shoot home movies and the introduction of digital photography.

Kodak Logo

Less well known for its cameras in more recent years, the first Kodak camera was sold in 1888. It came preloaded with a roll of paper film that had the capability to shoot 100 photographs.

Brownie was a trademark used by Kodak for an enormous range of cameras, over an 80-year history. All of the cameras were intended as affordable snapshot-takers, with few or no exposure or focus adjustments features.

Retina was the brand name for a long-running series of German-built Kodak 35mm cameras, produced from 1934 until 1969.