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Freepik – earn money with your creations

Join our graphic universe and start earning money with your creations

A whole world full of vectors, photos and PSD’s with over 40 million visits every month and 42 million downloads.

Why become a Freepik Contributor?


Premium Content

Your creations will be exclusive to our Premium members.


Large earnings

The more resources you upload, the more you earn! Your payments will be on a pay per download basis.


Work at your own place

No timetables or deadlines to stick to. Pay attention to festivities and events throughout the year.


High visibility

40 million visitors come to our website every month. Your creations will be seen all over the world!


Non-exclusive agreement

Your content isn’t limited to Freepik, you can share it on other Microstock platforms, too.

You can distribute your content in any other microstock platforms, besides Freepik.

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