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Paterson Photographic Equipment – Darkroom, Tripods, Lighting

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Paterson Photographic Equipment

Paterson Photographic Equipment – Darkroom, Tripods, Lighting


Worldwide Paterson is best known for the high-quality darkroom equipment it manufactures here in the UK.

For nearly sixty years Paterson has specialised in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the manual processing of silver-based photographic film and paper.

Paterson darkroom products are in use all over the world in schools, colleges, and professional and enthusiast’s darkrooms.

The comprehensive range of products includes film developing tanks, measuring graduates, enlarger accessories, film and print washing equipment and 35mm and roll film enlargers.

All of the darkroom plastics are manufactured in Paterson’s own factory in the UK.

In the late 80s, it also took over the manufacture of Benbo Tripods and has continued to develop this range of tripods, beloved by both Landscape and Natural History Photographers.

Stability linked to versatility are the prime considerations when purchasing a tripod. For 35 years BENBO has offered photographers a unique combination of these factors whilst offering a UK based manufacturing and customer service experience.

Paterson has re-entered the Studio Lighting market with a comprehensive range of Continuous Lighting units manufactured in our own UK factory.

The simple cost-effective answer to studio lighting. The Paterson Daylight range offers a choice of 5400K daylight energy-saving lamps that can be seamlessly mixed with natural daylight when required. Exposure metering is simple – requiring only the use of the camera’s built-in metering system.

A complete range of light modifiers are available to fit the basic head (shown above). These include Softboxes, Reflectors, Snoots and Barndoors – enabling the photographer to create a whole range of lighting effects.


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