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Yashica 35 Rangefinder Cameras – Resources and Links for The Yaschica 35 Camera Book

Yashica 35W Image

The Yashica 35 Camera Book

This is a link page for a new Vintage Camera Guide currently being written. The new book is about Yashica Rangefinder Cameras and is the second in the series of Vintage Camera Guides by Richard W Jemmett.

The first book in the series is The Purma Camera Book: A Vintage Camera Guide – Using and Buying Purma Cameras. Read more about the Purma Camera Book or visit the Purma Camera Guide link Page

Yashica Book Contributors and Links

Yashica Guy – Eugene Wolf

Yashica TLR – Paul Sokk & Chris Whelan

More about Yashica & Yashica 35 Cameras

Where to buy a Yashica Rangefinder

Film, Film Processing and More

Film Process and Supply (Directory of Companies)

Using Expired Film

Social Media and More

To be updated. If you are interested in Purma Cameras we would love you to join our Flickr Group. You will meet other people that ate interested in the cameras, see their images and you can also join the discussion pages. Joining Flickr is free.

RW Jemmett Products

My Film Captured Photos for Download on Etsy

Image of Yashica 35 Rangefinder for download on Etsy

Yashica 35W on Instagram #yashica35w

Yashica Electro on Instagram #yashicaelectro35

Yashica Electro on Instagram #yashicaminister

Photos from the Yashica Rangefinder Flickr Group

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Some Yashica Rangefinder cameras and accessories on eBay UK

Purma Books and more from Richard W Jemmett

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