Ricoh hi-color

Ricoh Hi-Color 35 Compact

The Ricoh Hi-Color 35 is a 35mm camera introduced in 1968 by Ricoh. The camera has a Cds meter and a variable aperture.

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mju III

Olympus mju III Wide

The Olympus mju III is an extremely small, fully automatic and water protected 35mm film camera with a wide zoom lens.

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Nikon AF600 3

Nikon AF600

The Nikon AF600 is a 28mm wide-angle ultra-compact camera which was released in 1993. At its time it was the smallest and the lightest AF/AE camera.

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pentax Spotmatic

Asahi Pentax Electro Spotmatic

Overview The Pentax Electro Spotmatic was the world’s first 35mm SLR with a fully electronic shutter system. It was released in 1971 […]

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Pentax 110 SLR

Pentax 110 SLR System

The Pentax Auto 110 was the world’s first and only subminiature ‘SLR system’. A classic design which is a sought after collectors’ item.

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