Olympus Pen EE-2 Manual 1968-77 Camera Manual for Instant Digital Download


Colour scanned copy of the manual to read online or print. The download is a PDF. This has not been re-formatted and some areas are not of the highest quality. But it will be very handy in understanding how best to use the wonderful Olympus Pen EE-2.

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RW Jemmett Photography - create, enjoy, sell

The Pen EE-2 was produced from 1968 to 1977 and is nearly the same as the Pen EE. The main changes are the addition of a hot shoe and an automatic exposure counter. The film speed range (ISO/ASA) was changed to reflect more modern emulsions with a range from 25-400 ISO. Shutter speeds also improved to 1/200 and 1/40th of a second (compared to 1/250 and 1/30th in the EE). The EE-2 could only accommodate the larger (43.5mm) lens filters.

RW Jemmett Photography - create, enjoy, sell

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