Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3

Panasonic Lumix TZ3

Overview The PanasonicPanasonic K. K. (was: Matsushita Electric Industrial) is a Japanese company that uses the brand name Panasonic for its electronic […]

Voigtländer Brillant 2x Zoom

Voigtländer Brillant 2x Zoom

Overview The Voigtländer Brillant 2x Zoom a simple mid-range 35mm film camera. There is little information about this camera, the same camera was also marketed […]

Canon Prima Mini (Sure Shot M, Autoboy F)

canon prima mini IMG 5826 Canon Prima Mini (Sure Shot M, Autoboy F)

Overview The Canon Sure Shot M, Prima mini in Europe (Autoboy F in Japan) was a very successful and very compact camera, […]

Canon Prima Super 130 (Canon Sure Shot 130u)

Canon Prima Super 130 (Canon Sure Shot 130u)

Overview The Canon Prima Super 130 is a super compact autofocusAutofocus (AF) is an optical system that uses a sensor, a control […]

Bell and Howell Electric Eye 

Bell and Howell Electric Eye 

The Bell and Howell Electric Eye (introduced in 1959) has the distinction of being one of the first cameras to feature automatic […]

Kodak Brownie Starmatic

Kodak Brownie Starmatic

For a Brownie, the Starmatic is a remarkably sophisticated camera, though at the high cost of $34.50 (compared to $6 for a […]

Olympus AZ 330 Super Zoom

Front view Olympus AZ 330

Overview The OlympusOlympus introduced its first camera in 1936, the Semi-Olympus I, fitted with the first Zuiko-branded lens. The first innovative camera […]

The Purma Camera Book: A Vintage Camera Guide – Using and Buying Purma Cameras

Purma Book Front Cover

The Purma Camera book – information on how to buy and use the Purma Speed, Special and Plus cameras made by Purma. Includes history of the company and in-depth user guides.

Ricoh FF-9 35mm Compact Camera

ricoh ff9 IMG 6650 Ricoh FF-9 35mm Compact Camera

Overview The Ricoh FF-9 is a 35mm moderate wide-angle ultra-compact camera that was released in 1988. It was also released as FF-7. […]

Olympus AF10 Super, an Easy to use 35mm Compact Film Camera

Olympus AF10 Super

The Olympus AF10 Super (Infinity Junior in the US) was released in 1987, a fully automatic 35mm film camera. It inherited the sliding cover design from the XA. Small and lightweight, with an integrated flash, it’s smaller than the XA with flash attached.