A Purma Plus camera  – no case and no lens cap.

The shutter fires but the camera has not been tested.

Note: This section is a reproduction of the original guide supplied with the Purma Plus camera.

The Purma Plus is a precision-built miniature camera taking 16 pictures 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ in. (3.18 x 3.18 cm.) on standard size V.P. (27 or 127) films.

BODY: The body consists entirely of metal. From left to right along the top (looking at the back of the camera) are : the shoe that holds the Flash Unit, the Cable Release Socket, the Release Button, the Viewfinder and the Film Wind Knob. On the right of the lens (looking at the front of the camera) are the Flash Sockets.

DETACHABLE BACK: The back removes for loading and is held in position by the tripod bush in the bottom of the camera. The bush can be unscrewed with the edge of any coin.

LENS: The anastigmat lens has a fixed aperture of f/6.3 and is ‘ bloomed ‘ to give brilliant negatives which may be enlarged to any size. When not in use it telescopes into the body, and is secured by the screw-on lens cap. The lens gives a sharp picture of all objects from 12 ft. to Infinity without focussing.

FOCAL PLANE SHUTTER: The special all-metal focal plane shutter gives three ‘ Instantaneous ‘ speeds and ‘ Time.' When the camera is held on its left side, the shutter speed is 1 /500th second; when held level, 1/150th second, and on the right side, l/25th second.

The shutter is set by the act of advancing the film, and released by a press button on the top of the camera. After release it can only be re-set by winding the film on to the next frame, making double exposures impossible.

VIEWFINDER : The viewfinder is of the optical direct-vision  type, sighted through the window in the back of the body. The three Instantaneous shutter speeds are marked around the viewfinder window to show how to hold the camera for the various speeds.

A blind covers the viewfinder until the film is wound on and the shutter set for making an exposure.

FILM TRANSPORT: The film winding knob is on the right of the camera. Turning the knob winds the film, sets the shutter, and raises the blind in the viewfinder, indicating that the camera is ready for use.





Weight .7 kg