The camera is in good overall condition and has been tested with a 127 Black and White film. See photos.

This is a later model as it has an accessory shoe, probably 1947.

It is a strut folding camera with body and lens panel made of polished aluminium. Most examples have a Gallix 50mm 1:3.5 three-element lens, made by Gallus itself. The lens can be focused. There are four windows, two red and two green, on the back for the 127 film, surrounded by a depth-of-field table.

The speed of the focal plane shutter is controlled by the large knob on the top, marked from 1/25–1/500s + B.

The film results were all overexposed – so although I was using different shutter speeds and apertures my guess is that the shutter is a little slow. There are some scratches on some images too.