The Kit comprises

>Kodak Retina Reflex Camera – The Kodak Type 025 Retina Reflex is a 35mm SLR camera produced by Kodak AG Stuttgart in West Germany, between the spring of 1957 and October 1958.

> Leather case – this will still protect the camera but it has no strap and the op and bottom are not connected.

> Roll of Kodak 200 24exp colour film

> Focal Guide Kodak Retina Reflex booklet. &0 pages of detailed information about how to use the camera (and later models). The booklet is in good condition.

> Lens filter – this appears to be a completely clear filter which will protect the lens.

> New Photography Log Book. This will help you jot down your settings and learn as you shoot.

The camera has been film tested – see the image. I shot 24 exp and used the light meter to set the exposure. The light meter is not coupled so you take a reading and then transfer the EV value to the aperture/shutter speed.

There is some dust in the viewfinder but this does not impact the photo quality. The lens looks clear and overall the camera is in good condition.

This is a well-liked camera and collectable too. It is quite heavy and looks over-engineered. You will find some more information at: