The Yashica 35 Camera Book will help you enjoy buying and photographing with film cameras from the full Yashica 35 range, including the various Electro, Lynx & Minister models.

Whether you are new to analogue photography or you have shot vintage cameras in the past, this book will help you make a success of buying and using the Yashica 35 range of cameras. Besides Richard’s experience with the cameras, you will find reprints of original guides and manuals that will help you buy, use, maintain and repair your camera. The Yashica rangefinder cameras are all equipped with high-quality lenses and great features from the all manual 35W to the aperture priority Electro 35. They provide a quality alternative to SLR and point & shoot cameras producing the rich colours and atmosphere that many will say only film can deliver.

These cameras capture the most enjoyable aspects of film photography, and the experience will help you become a better photographer and create some super results.

To accompany the book, the author has created a dedicated web resource page that will help you find even more information such as battery conversion sources, film suppliers, user-generated galleries and much more. We regularly update the web resource guide with information and resources to make it a valuable addition to the detailed information found in this vintage guide.

  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 206 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 183830472X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1838304720
  • Dimensions : 15.24 x 1.24 x 22.86 cm

Buy the Yashica 35 Camera Book today and start your journey to learn more about how to buy, use and enjoy these wonderful film cameras.

The book’s chapters include:

What is a Rangefinder?

The Yashica 35 Range

Featured Cameras – Electro 35 GSN, Lynx 5000, 35W, Electro MC

Yashica 35 Camera Guides – Re-printed camera guides

Buying a Yashica 35 Camera

Using a Yashica 35 – Zone Focusing, Getting the Right Exposure, Post Processing of Film

The Yashica Company – History and Marketing of Yashica 35 Cameras

Testing, Faults and Repair – Testing your Camera and Repair Tips

Accessories  – Lens Filters, Light Meters, Cable Release, Flash, Tripods and Camera Supports, Cases and Bags, Pimping Your Camera

Making the Most of Your Yashica 35 Camera – Colour or Black & White?, Architecture and Buildings, Street and Urban Photography, Landscapes, Low Light & Night Photography

Appendices – Lens & Photographic Terms, The Law and Photography (UK), What was Happening?