The Nikon D60 is a mid-level consumer digital reflex camera introduced by Nikon in 2008. It has a 10.2 mega pixel CCD sensor at 23.6 × 15.8 mm (DX format). This camera replaces the Nikon D40x while the Nikon D40 remained on the market as an entry-level camera.

The Nikon D5000 replaces the D60 in 2009.

This camera uses Nikon F-Mount lenses. The camera body does not have a auto focus motor. For auto focus Nikon lenses with built in motors are required. The viewfinder provides 95% coverage.

Dust removal technologies incorporated into the camera include:

  • Self cleaning image sensor.
  • Improved airflow to reduce sensor dust.
  • "Image Dust Off" records reference data for use with Capture NX software.

Is able to take pictures in RAW (NEF) and the classic JPG with multiple quality settings.

  • 3872 x 2592 [L]
  • 2896 x 1944 [M]
  • 1936 x 1296 [S]