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We are somewhat spoilt with digital cameras as the digital image not only records the image but also some of the important data about how the photograph was captured. The Exif data embedded in the image when the shutter is pressed includes the camera model, exposure details, lens and often the location via GPS data. This data can be easily viewed through programs such as Lightroom. With film or analogue photography this data is not captured by the camera and so we must use a different technique – good old pen and paper, with a well-designed log book.

The RW Photography Log Books have been designed to make capturing the information a little bit easier and enjoyable. The records can be easily stored after the photoshoot and used to help you improve your photography and get the most from your camera. Indeed reviewing images against the exposure record will be both enjoyable and educational. When the film has been developed you have the perfect comparison to learn and improve in your film photography. What you liked, what worked, and also what didn't. It's a lowcost opportunity to take your film photography to the next stage.

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Currently available in two sizes

Each Photography Log Book contains tables set out in a format that will make the whole process logical and prompt the photographer to think about how the photograph has been taken. Here are some images of the inside of these great Log Books.

When the scanned (or printed) images are available you can pass a critical eye on exposure, depth of field, blur caused by movement, and a whole host of other attributes. Then use this information to capture better images in the future or experiment with a wider range of shutter speeds and aperture settings.

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To make the process easier you can add the data to the scanned images in Lightroom using the plugin Lenstagger available from

So why not buy a Photography Log Book and if you like it please tell your friends and other film photographers the good news.

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