The FF-9 is a 35mm compact camera released by Ricoh circa 1988. It is also known as the FF-7. A similar specification newer body version was released a couple of years afterwards as the FF-9s.

The lens is a 35mm four element, f/3.5 design with a minimum focus distance of 0.8m. It is protected by a sliding lens cover. Uncovering the lens will power the camera, enable the shutter release button and display the battery level on the LCD. There are a number of shooting modes that can be changed by a button on the right hand side of the body. Infinity mode (mountain), night infinity (dark mountain), TV (1/30 of a sec), continuous shooting mode, interval (1 photo every minute), and multiple exposure mode.

DX code film from 100 to 1600 ISO is recommended. Non-coded film is treated as ISO 100. Film loading is automatic, and advances to the first frame. Film is automatically advanced and rewound. Mid-roll rewind is also possible by using a point to press a button on the base of the camera. The LCD panel displays the film status, and has a film exposure counter. When the film is advanced the counter is increased, and when rewinding the counter is decreased. This also animates film leader segments on the LCD. It is powered by a single CRP2 battery.