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Photo Walk Log Book

Welcome to the Photo Walk Log Book resource and link page. We have created and published a number of Log Books and Camera books for photographers. If you need further help then please do contact me.

The photo Walk Log Book is now available from Amazon UK, Amazon USA and other Amazon stores around the world.

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The Photo Walk Log Book has been designed to help you enjoy and get the most from your Photo Walks.

30 Photo Walk Tables that can be completed before, during and after the walk to help you get the most from the Photo Walk and your camera. Improve your skills and capture better images with the Photo Walk Log Book.

The Log Book will help you whether you walk with a phone, film, or digital camera. It can be used in all settings, from hiking in open rugged landscapes to urban walks and street life adventures.

The Log Book contains 30 Tables for 30 Photo Walks plus 20 top Photo Walks tips and how to use this Log Book.

Get the most from your Photo walk. Top 20 tips and a Log Book to capture walk information. Improve your photography with this Photo Walk Log Book

Planning a route

A good way to plan and record your Photo Walk is to use an App on your phone. There are lots of GPS powered Apps available and many have free options that will probably meet your needs. We have put together a list on our sister website – Photo Walk Apps. If you record your route while you walk you can save the route in case you wish to follow the same or similar route in the future. It's great to see and record changes including new buildings, seasons and people.

Online Apps (including Google Maps) are also a great way to find out street names. You can jot these down in your Photo Log Book and then cross-reference them to shots in the future. Street names also often give a clue to the history of the street and area. You will no doubt find lots of Market Streets where there is no longer a market (maybe a cattle market was there in the past?), or Shambles – which is an old name for a meat market.

You may also like to use a more traditional map. The best maps can be found on the Ordnance Survey website.

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