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The Yashica 35 Camera Book

Welcome. This is a link page is for The Yashica 35 Camera book, the second in the series of Vintage Camera Guides by Richard W Jemmett. The book is available from Amazon, Lulu, and many other stores across the world. It is available as a paperback (most stores), hardback (Amazon only) and ebook.

The first book in the series is The Purma Camera Book: A Vintage Camera Guide – Using and Buying Purma Cameras. Read more about the Purma Camera Book or visit the Purma Camera Guide link Page

This Yashica 35 Camera book will help you enjoy buying and photographing with film cameras from the full Yashica 35 range, including the various Electro, Lynx & Minister models.

Whether you are new to analogue photography or you have shot vintage cameras in the past, this book will help you make a success of buying and using the Yashica 35 range of cameras. Besides Richard’s experience with the cameras, you will find re-prints of original guides and manuals that will help you buy, use, maintain and repair your camera. The Yashica rangefinder cameras are all equipped with high-quality lenses and great features from the all manual 35W to the aperture priority Electro 35. They provide a quality alternative to SLR and point & shoot cameras producing the rich colours and atmosphere that many will say only film can deliver.

These cameras capture the most enjoyable aspects of film photography, and the experience will help you become a better photographer and create some super results.

Available in Paperback, Hardback and eBook formats 

To accompany the book, the author has created a dedicated web resource page that will help you find even more information such as battery conversion sources, film suppliers, user-generated galleries and much more. We regularly update the web resource guide with information and resources to make it a valuable addition to the detailed information found in this vintage guide.

  • Paperback: 206 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 183830472X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1838304720
  • Dimensions : 15.24 x 1.24 x 22.86 cm

Also available as and eBook from Lulu and Amazon (Kindle)

Buy the Yashica 35 Camera Book today and start your journey to learn more about how to buy, use and enjoy these wonderful film cameras.

Yashica Book Contributors and Links

Yashica Guy – Eugene Wolf

Yashica TLR – Paul Sokk & Chris Whelan

Piotr Skrzypek

More about Yashica & Yashica 35 Cameras

Where to buy a Yashica Rangefinder

Film, Film Processing and More

Film Process and Supply (Directory of Companies)

Using Expired Film

Repair Help

Example Pages from the Yashica 35 Camera Book


Yashica 35 FAQs

  Where can I buy the Yashica 35 Camera book?

The Yashica 35 Book is now available on Amazon and Lulu. You can read more about the book and get links to retailers from the Yashica 35 Book product page.

It is available in Paperback, Hardback and eBook formats including Kindle.

The first book in the Vintage Camera Guides series is The Purma Camera Book. It is available from Amazon and Lulu.

  Can I shoot colour and black & white film with all Yashica 35 cameras?

Yes, this question is sometimes asked because some lenses are marked ‘color'. This was added when colour film was becoming more popular.

  How to I contact Richard (the author)?

You can make contact using the Contact Us form. We would love to hear from you.

  I repair Yashica Cameras, can I be included in your Directory?

Yes, if you have any business associated with photography you can add it to our Directory.

Just fill in the form to add a Listing.

  Do you buy and sell Yashica Cameras?

I do buy and sell cameras. When I am writing a Vintage Camera book I buy cameras so I can understand how they work and the results you may expect. Sometimes I sell these cameras after I have enjoyed using them. On other occasions, I might an auction lot of several cameras and sell the ones that I don't need.

Please visit the following links: Cameras for sale, Etsy Shop and eBay.

  Where can I find and buy a Photography Log Book that you mention in the book?

The are several versions of the Photography Log Book for 35mm film users  – they vary in book size and the number of pages/tables.

You can find more about them on our publishing site EnergyBook.

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