Front view Olympus AZ 330

Olympus AZ 330 Super Zoom

Overview The Olympus AZ-330 Super Zoom is a large 35mm film camera. Styled more like an old camcorder its once modern looks […]

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Olympus AF10 Super

Olympus AF 10 Super, an Easy to use 35mm Compact Film Camera

The Olympus AF10 Super (Infinity Junior in the US) was released in 1987, a fully automatic 35mm film camera. It inherited the sliding cover design from the XA. Small and lightweight, with an integrated flash, it’s smaller than the XA with flash attached.

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mju III

Olympus mju III Wide

The Olympus mju III is an extremely small, fully automatic and water protected 35mm film camera with a wide zoom lens.

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Olympus mju

Olympus mju II

Overview The Olympus mju II is probably the smallest fully automatic and water protected 35mm film camera ever built. It’s designed around […]

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Olympus OM1

Olympus OM-1, SLR 35mm Film

The Olympus OM-1 was introduced in 1972 and came into the shops in 1973. It is a small compact, all manual, film all-mechanical Single Lens Reflex camera.

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