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Camera House - New & Used Cameras & Equipment

Camera House – New & Used Cameras & Equipment

Camera House is the oldest photographic dealer in Birmingham and is proud to be one of the longest standing camera shops around.

We specialise in second hand and used cameras, as well as the various camera accessories to accompany them. We pride ourselves on stocking fully functional, professionally cleaned used cameras, lenses and accessories. Our large range caters for beginners through to professional-level photographers.

We also sell brand new UK sourced cameras, lenses and camera accessories including the latest digital SLRs from Canon, Nikon and Sony; Compact System Cameras and lenses for each type of interchangeable lens camera. Our camera shop has a thorough grading system for all of our stock, ensuring the quality every photographer needs.

No matter what your photography needs are, you are sure to find the second-hand camera or camera accessories that you are looking for. You can trust in Camera House as one of the leading camera shops to deliver excellent standards across our range. Contact us today if you have any enquiries, we will be delighted to use our expertise to help you.


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