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Camera Jungle

Camera Jungle – Trade in Your Old Camera for Cash

At Camera Jungle we specialise in second hand, or used, equipment. We pride ourselves on stocking fully functional, professionally cleaned used cameras and lenses which are supplied with all the accessories you need to start using it.

Our Cameras And Lenses

We stock DSLRs and lenses for everyone, from an absolute beginner through to a professional, as well as compact cameras and compact system cameras. We strive to give you the best range of products, whether you’re choosing from a professional Canon EOS digital SLR, a stylish Fujifilm X Compact System Camera, or your first interchangeable lens.

Each camera and lens is fully inspected, tested and cleaned by our technicians prior to appearing on the website. We fully clean each item, paying particular attention to cleaning the sensor of every digital SLR and compact system camera, as well as the optics and contacts of every lens.

We also sell brand new UK sourced cameras, lenses and accessories. This includes the latest digital SLRs from Canon, Nikon and Sony, Compact System Cameras and lenses for each type of interchangeable lens camera. We stock beginner through to professional-level cameras and lenses, as well as battery grips and flashguns to help you improve or enhance your photography.



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