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Joby GorillaPod

Joby – GorillaPods for DSLR, Mirrorless and Point and Shoot Cameras

Which GorillaPod to buy for my DSLR, Mirrorless, or Point and Shoot?

To cover all styles of camera from small to big, beginner to Pro, Action to Portraits and deep into the world of Video we have a full family of GorillaPods to choose from. Our GorillaPods are named after their weight capacity, from the compact GorillaPod Magnetic Mini, Starter Kit, 325 and 325 Magnetic, which all hold up to 325 grams, up to the heavyweight GorillaPod 5K Kit, which holds 5 kilograms (11 lbs) of equipment. The simplest way to figure out which GorillaPod is for you is to know your camera's weight with lens and any accessories you may be using like a mic or external light. Once you have the total weight, you can see how it lines up with the maximum capacity of each GorillaPod and choose the right one to match your needs.

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