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K&F Concept – Tripods, lenses, filters, bags…

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K&F concept K&F concept

K&F Concept – Tripods, lenses, filters, bags…


In 2012, we founded K&F CONCEPT, and we have been committed to creating a more favourable way of recording for a better life. To provide system solutions for global photographers, we have established an optical filter research, development and production base to research and produce sophisticated product filter series for photographers, which has been highly recognized by users, thus covering 56 countries and regions. In the pursuit of product quality excellence, we have also been recognized by the industry. K&F CONCEPT has won the Japanese Digital Camera Grand Prix Gold award for five consecutive years and has been awarded the German Red Dot Product Design Award, the German iF Product Design

Award and other honours. We are no longer limited to the development of a single photographic accessory, but also extend the demand for photography to a series of
accessories such as tripods and adapter rings. So far, we have owned more than 150 photographic equipment patents.

We adhere to the user-centred principle, cherish users' original intention to create freely, build up the trust given by users;
We take products and brands as our core and continue striving to meet the needs of the times.

On the way to creating professional and innovative photography accessories, we never stop exploring.

Product Categories

Imagination starts here. We provide various filters, including
protection, synergy and creation filters.

Lens Adapter
"L KAF CONCEPT Connect with endless possibilities; making different sizes of lenses and
cameras smoothly compatible.

Stable, strong, stay professional. Use a tripod to work seamlessly
while shooting and filming.

Security Camera
Your world is secure. The dramatic high-pixel density display
helps you capture every detail of your




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