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The Purma Camera Book

The Purma Camera Book: A Vintage Camera Guide – Using and Buying Purma Cameras. Read more about the Purma Camera Book

“I just received my Purma Camera Book and was pleased to find that it successfully integrates the history and unique mechanics of the three Purma models with contemporary photographic reality, technique and technology. Well done!

Thank you very much. LR – Rochester, NY USA”

Purma Book Contributors and Links

Mike O'Connell – Art Deco Cameras

James Rod

Tony Platt

Matthew Davidson

Neal Wellons

Adrian Gray

Maurice Fisher

Adrian Gray

More about Purma Cameras

Early Photography – Purma Speed

Early Photography – Purma Special

Early Photography – Purma Plus

Where to buy a Purma Camera

Film, Film Processing and More

Film Process and Supply (Directory of Companies)

How to create a 127 film from 120 roll film

Producing 127 Film from any 120 Film

Film Cutter Kit for 127 film: a complete kit that cuts 120 film and rolls it to 127 spool

Using Expired Film

Using 35mm Film in a Brownie 127 to Get Exposed Sprockets

Purma Cameras FAQ

  Where can I buy 127 film?

127 film is not made anymore but several organisations create the film by cutting and re-rolling 120 film. You can also create the film yourself from 120 film.

Here is a link to our directory where you may find some suppliers and tools for conversion.  If you are aware of 127 film suppliers not in the Directory please let me know and I will add them.

Film Suppliers

  Where can I buy the Purma Camera Book?

The Purma camera book can be bought from any Amazon website and Lulu. You can find out more from our publishing website EnergyBook

  Do you intend to write more vintage camera books?

Yes, as of early 2021, I am writing two new books. The first will be on the Yashica 35 (Rangefinder) series of cameras. I hope to publish this in February 2021.

The third book is about Werra cameras.

I may also write books about the FED 4 camera and the Olympus OM1 &2.

  I found something that needs to be updated in the Purma Camera book

If you find something that needs updating or a mistake in the text please use our Contact Us form. We would love to hear from you.

  I ordered the Purma Camera book, why does it take several days before it is dispatched?

The Purma Camera book is what is known as Print On Demand (POD). When an order is received by Amazon or Lulu they have to print the book before it is dispatched.

This also means that the book can be updated in the future as there is no print run….

  Do you buy and sell (Purma) Cameras?

We sometimes have cameras for sale and on occasions may also buy some models. You can see the cameras that we have for sale at our Etsy Shop and if you have a camera for sale you use our Contact Us Form.

  Which Purma Camera is the most valuable?

Camera values change quite a lot from year to year. Prices for the Special and Plus are similar with both having fans. The Special is featured more in museums as it is made of bakelite and art deco in style.

The Purma Speed is the most valuable as it is rare. Some would say that it is also the most stylish.

Purma Speed
The Purma Speed

  I have seen a Purma camera without a lens cap, should I still buy it?

A Purma camera will still work without a lens cap. Assuming that the camera has no faults. But there are three of disadvantages of having a Purma camera without a lens cap.

  1. The lens is more likely to be dirty or damaged
  2. The camera will not fit easily into a Purma case as the lens needs to be retracted.
  3. The cap holds the lens into the camera body and this also locks the shutter. With a lens cap you can prevent and unwanted exposure.

Unlike with other camera models I have not seen the caps sold separately. If anyone has made a cap  – then let please let me know.

  Do you buy and sell cameras?

I do buy and sell cameras. When I am writing a Vintage Camera book I buy cameras so I can understand how they work and the results you may expect. Sometimes I sell these cameras after I have enjoyed using them. On other occasions, I might an auction lot of several cameras and sell the ones that I don't need.

Please visit the following links: Cameras for sale, Etsy Shop and eBay.

Purma Patents

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Social Media and More

If you are interested in Purma Cameras we would love you to join our Flickr Group. You will meet other people that ate interested in the cameras, see their images and you can also join the discussion pages. Joining Flickr is free.

RW Jemmett Products

Purma Camera Patent. Collection of Four Digital Photos to Download. 1938 Patent. Orange, Blue, Black and Monochrome

My Film Captured Photos for Download on Etsy

Purma Special paste 020340 Purma Cameras - Resources and Links for The Purma Camera Book

Purma Special on Instagram #purmaspecial

Purma Plus on Instagram #purmaplus

Photos from the Purma Flickr Group

[flickr_group id=”14752301@N21″]

Some Purma cameras and accessories on eBay UK

Purma Books and more from Richard W Jemmett

One thought on “Purma Cameras – Resources and Links for The Purma Camera Book

  1. Hello,
    I am certainly late in pinpointing the noticeably uneven exposure made by Purma cameras, a feature that came to my attention only recently, just by looking in other people photos in various web pages, particularly in sunny shots (presumably exposed at the camera’s “FAST” shutter speed): the problem is typically manifested as overexposure of the bottom picture part, gradually turning to an underexposed upper part.
    I believe that this should seen as an unfortunate intrinsic design fault of this rather unique and strange curved focal plane shutter, attributed to the fact that on releasing the shutter ITS TWO METAL PLATES START AN ACCELERATED MOVEMENT AT THE SAME MOMENT, WHILE MAINTAINING A SLIT OF CONSTANT WIDTH BETWEEN THEM. So, the acceleration of the two metal plates across the film gate results in progressively lower exposure times for the currently exposed film strips behind.
    Contrary to the same nature of accelerated movement of their spring-loaded curtains in typical focal-plane shutters, the above uneven exposure problem is not present, in either mechanical or electronic ones, because DUE TO THE VERY FACT THAT THE SECOND CURTAIN STARTS MOVING LATTER, THE SLIT BETWEEN THE TWO CURTAINS GRADUAL INCREASES DURING THE EXPOSURE TIME. So, the combined result of a) the accelerated movement of curtains, and b) the simultaneous gradual increasing of the curtains slit during their travelling, is that the sequential exposure of each film strip behind the curtains is here kept equal!

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