My New Camera the Olympus TG-6

Olympus TG-6 submerged

Olympus TG Series on

Olympus TG Series on


I have owned quite a few cameras over the years and all have had their pros and cons of course. My latest camera the Olympus TG-6 seems to have more Pros for the pound than most.

Olympus TG-6
My TG-6 with lens cap

A Go-anywhere Camera

It is often said that the best camera is the one that you have with you. These days most people have a phone camera with them and each year they get a little better. I have created a blog post that discusses the merits of phone cameras along with other types of camera – Four Types of Camera, Which One Works Best for You? The TG-6 is dustproof, waterproof to 15 m, shockproof to 2. 1m, crushproof to 100 kg and freezeproof to – 10 degree Celsius. So different to previous cameras I have owned including my Nikon DSLR and my current wonderful Olympus Pen-F.

The Olympus TG-6 also has GPS location logging built-in. Similar to a phone camera you can add GPS location data to your images, great for those that want to know exactly where the image was taken such as this using the camera when hiking and travelling. The location can, for example, be seen on the Adobe Lightroom map page.

A Full Range of Features

So why do I love the TG-6 so much? Well, there are three clear reasons.

First, you can truly take it anywhere. The small robust and waterproof body so you can take it out in all weathers. Perfect for city strolls, visits to the coast, out with friends and family or even swimming…. Just pop it into a pocket or bag every time you leave the house.

Second, it can capture some great photos. With a high-quality zoom lens and the ability to create RAW images, your photographs should mee your requirements. Indeed I have successfully submitted photographs taken with the TG-6 to microstock sites including Shutterstock, Bigstock and Dreamstime. The camera is relatively simple to use but you can switch to Aperture Priority, use Focus Stacking, HDR and panorama settings. I hope to produce posts about how best to use all of these features in the future.

Last, but not least. The camera has a fantastic Macro mode without the need to change lenses. You can even attach a purpose-made Olympus LG-1 LED Light Guide to improve things even further.


To complete and help me look after my new Olympus TG-6 I have purchased three accessories. This first is a small soft case – although it is very tough I still want to make sure I do not scratch or damage the camera whilst not in use. Second, on the same theme, I have bought a lens cap for the TG-6. This is a specially made unit (there are other types available) that was relatively cheap and seems to work well.

Gallery TG 6 0590 My New Camera the Olympus TG-6
Olympus TG-6 Menu

Last I bought the Olympus LG-1 LED Light Guide for macro photography. So far so good and I am very pleased with the results.

I have not bought a spare battery or a dedicated charger yet. They are available but I just plug it in via a USB in a similar way to how I use and charge a phone. You can read more about the TG series on our blog post that compares the different models.

A few of my first images – edited with Lightroom, etc.


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