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Art Deco Cameras

Art Deco Cameras

The Art Deco era covered the period between the two world wars. It began at the start of the 20s and lasted until the end of the 30s. But all Art Deco designers didn't just disappear in 1940. After WWII, many camera makers simply started up again with the pre-war Art Deco designs and therefore continued to produce cameras with features reminiscent of the Art Deco period.

I don't expect my cameras to be 'shelf sitters' for display only, so in the Resources Section, I give some information about how they can be used successfully. Pages describing the 'Sunny 16' rule, how to measure focal length and conversions of cameras to use modern film, amongst others, are to be found there.

Understanding the properties of the film is important for the successful use of a vintage camera. In the Film Section, I give some information about types of film. Pages describing types of film, common formats, latitude, and reciprocity failure are to be found here. How to source unavailable films and how to cut your own is also covered. You will find methods for making your own backing paper.

Being at least 70 years old, Art Deco cameras often need some loving care to get then back to serviceable form. In the Restoration Section, you will find some restoration projects I have undertaken. Using simple procedures, these old cameras can be brought back to life.



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