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Microstock Plus

All you need inside ONE Service

Our service delivers total and automated control over every step of the microstock contributor workflow – from the preparation of content, all the way through to delivery of comprehensive sales statistics and vital analytic data.

We are seriously focused on speed, reliability and management. Our technologies easily allow you to upload files of any size from any location in the world, whilst maintaining unprecedented control.
  • Our platform uploads your files to all the leading microstock agencies in the world.
  • The speed of uploading your content to the agencies does not depend on your current internet connection quality.
  • Your files will be delivered to the agencies incredibly fast and all in one go from our servers, regardless of their size and quantity.
We offer extremely fast and convenient methods of handling your files - you can choose whichever tagging method suits you best. Be it manual key-wording whilst retaining full control over quality, semi-automatic QuickMeta which saves you valuable time whilst providing excellent quality results, or completely hassle-free tagging by our key-wording team at extremely competitive prices!
  • Predictive technologies using automatic metadata-filling using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Maintaining a database of all your files with sorting, filtering and analytics.
  • Handling large batches of files in a single click whilst keeping individual control of the metadata for every agency.
The key feature we are most proud of is the automatic submission of your content to the agencies. We are the first company in the world to have invented this feature, and we have a vast wealth of experience in the implementation of this unique and extremely powerful tool.
  • We support automatic submission of all media types: photos, vectors, videos with all types of licenses.
  • We monitor your files even after they have been sent for review. You will be fully aware of the approval status of every file on every agency.


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