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StockSubmitter is a program completely automating your workflow with microstock agencies: tagging, storing, uploading and submitting to dozens of agencies without the usual hassle of doing it manually.

Control all the processes in the single place, track the sales and approval of your files and work for your pleasure on any platform: PC, Mac or online.

StockSubmitter is made to let you create instead of doing the routine work!

A fully functional program version is completely free and can be used forever.

You can fill the metadata of your files, use QuickMeta, create sets and use other program features, upload as many files to the agencies as you want.

The only feature that is limited without a paid subscription: you can submit up to 33 files to every agency per month. The submission is the process of filling the custom metadata fields on the agency website and submitting it for the review. If you're working with the microstock agencies professionally and you need more submissions then you can purchase one of the subscription packages listed below:

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