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Rick Oleson

Rick Oleson – Dedicated to Old Cameras and Photography

My name's Rick Oleson and my web site is dedicated to old cameras and photography; there are some other things too, including a few cartoons, some cars & related machinery.... even a little family type stuff.

Even though the front page doesn't change much, I do regularly add stuff to the site; so if you haven't been here in a while come in and wander around - you might find something new.

OK, you're right .... I DON'T add stuff as regularly as I used to. I've taken to posting my photos on my Flickr page instead of making pages for them here. So, if you're interested in my Tech Notes, or an old camera review or a focusing screen or any of that stuff, this is the place; if you'd like to see recent photos, click over to Flickr.

The links below take you to a few examples from my camera collection. The last one takes you over to my Flickr page, which I do a much better job of keeping up do date.


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