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Steele Training – Learn Photography and Image Editing the Easy way

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Steele Training Steele Training

Steele Training – Learn Photography and Image Editing the Easy way

Master the art of photography and image editing with my clear & understandable tutorials!

Hi, I'm Phil Steele, and I founded SteeleTraining.com to share my love of photography and image editing with fellow photographers.

In my own attempt to learn photography, I became frustrated by what I perceived as an "information gap." On the one hand, I found plenty of free information online, but the quality was erratic, and it was all completely disorganized. Seeking it out and separating the gems from the junk simply became a waste of time.

On the other hand, there were some great classes and courses created by professional photographers—but the prices were too often beyond my budget. And frankly, sometimes a great photographer is not necessarily a great teacher.

What I wanted was well-organized instruction, understandable to an amateur, presented in a logical sequence, by a good teacher, at a reasonable price.

And it just didn't seem to exist. I ended up learning the hard way, often the slow way and the expensive way, buying books, online courses, seminars, DVD courses, everything I could get my hands on. And of course, I spent a lot of years with the camera in my hands learning by making mistakes.

Then one day, after absorbing every bit of photography knowledge I could get my hands on and shooting for nearly a decade—I suddenly realized that I was now in a position to create the training that I had always wanted!

The result is this site. I want to give you the training that I always wished I could find.

My goal is to help pull you forward a few notches as a photographer, very fast. I want you to learn from my mistakes instead of having to make them yourself and to enjoy a shortcut through some processes that I had to traverse the long way.

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