Minolta 110 SLR MKII

Minolta 110 SLR MkII, Check out this Small and Easy to Use Film Classic

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What is a Minolta 110 SLR Mk II? An extract from the original manual reads: Your Minolta 110 Zoom Mark II combines the simple loading, compactsize, and ease of operation of the 110 pocket format with features, optical quality, and capabilities found only in the finest electronic automatic 35mm cameras. Simply drop in a film […]

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Pentax Electro Sportmatic

Asahi Pentax Electro Spotmatic

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Overview The Pentax Electro Spotmatic was the world’s first 35mm SLR with a fully electronic shutter system. It was released in 1971 and only sold in Japan. The circuitry was under constant revision during the year of its release which arguably made the camera a prototype, which was evident due to reliability issues. Its success […]

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