Voigtländer Brillant 2x Zoom

Voigtländer Brillant 2x Zoom

Overview The Voigtländer Brillant 2x Zoom a simple mid-range 35mm film camera. There is little information about this camera, the same camera was also marketed […]

Ricoh FF-9 35mm Compact Camera

ricoh ff9 IMG 6650 Ricoh FF-9 35mm Compact Camera

Overview The Ricoh FF-9 is a 35mm moderate wide-angle ultra-compact camera that was released in 1988. It was also released as FF-7. […]

Voigtländer Vito C / Balda CA35 a Lightweight Automatic Camera to Look out for


If you look at the Voigtländer Vito C, you are certainly reminded of the Minox 35 series. There is a very similar […]

Minolta 110 SLR MkII, Check out this Small and Easy to Use Film Classic

Minolta 110 SLR MKII

What is a Minolta 110 SLR Mk II? An extract from the original manual reads: Your Minolta 110 Zoom Mark II combines […]

Olympus Pen EE – Results and Feelings about this Film Camera

tree lined path

You may have looked at my first post about my 1964 Olympus Pen EE – What’s in the box. This post is […]

My New Olympus LT Zoom 105 – What’s in the Box?

Gallery Olympus LT Zoom 105 5020016 My New Olympus LT Zoom 105 - What's in the Box?

After buying and using my 1964 Olympus Pen EE and purchasing two other cameras (yet to be used), I decided to buy […]

Ricoh Hi-Color 35 Compact

Ricoh hi-color

The Ricoh Hi-Color 35 is a 35mm camera introduced in 1968 by Ricoh. The camera has a Cds meter and a variable aperture.

Olympus mju III Wide

mju III

The Olympus mju III is an extremely small, fully automatic and water protected 35mm film camera with a wide zoom lens.