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135compact – a Comparison of Small Cameras

On this site, you will find a comparison of small cameras for 135 film and smaller formats I own(ed). It's a personal choice, not a complete selection. It will be a kind of on-going project, whenever I come across an inexpensive really small one, I will try to test it.

A remark about my view of photography: There is nothing worse than missing a photo. A non-optimal one is still better than none. So I always carry a tiny camera in my pocket. I started with a Minox 35 in 1975 which was replaced by an Olympus XA in 1979. The XA stayed in my pocket for 30 years. I tried small digital ones in the 2000s, but it was only in 2009 when I came across the Canon S90 that I found one that was at least as good as the Olympus XA in my eyes. So it's digital now, I am at my fifth, a Canon G9X.

And still there is mostly a film camera in my jacket or coat, either a 120 film folder or a really small 135 film compact.

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